What you rocking?

{February 6, 2012}   Leopard print nails

I love manicures – I love pretty nails, I love bright colours, I love making things more interesting than they start out – and this is one of my favourite ways! Read the rest of this entry »


{February 4, 2012}   I rock sportswear

I¬†know, hard to believe, but it takes effort to look this good (cough) and that effort has started to represent in the form of running – for which I decided I needed new sportswear (not because I’m addicted to shopping and will grasp any tenuous excuse – honest!)

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{January 23, 2012}   Bright a light!

Today was an overcast, grey kind of day – and Mondays feel grey and overcast enough without giving in to the misery! With that in mind I decided to indulge myself in some serious colour splashing!

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