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{February 9, 2012}   Preppy chick

Preppy chick

Today I was mostly feeling preppy – I LOVE this look, and it has the added bonus of being warm as well as stylish – which considering the current weather is win win!


{February 1, 2012}   Boo hoo – no tears here!

Today I have been mostly lusting over the madly beautiful things on http://www.boohoo.com – it’s truly heaven in an online store – with videos of their clothes moving around on (skinny) real people so you can see what they actually look like – not just what they look like when pinned to a clothes horse/model in a heavily photoshopped image!

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{January 17, 2012}   My corporate image

I have a bit of a reputation at work for dressing ‘differently’ – which is a phrase that’s been used to describe my image many times in my life! 

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{January 11, 2012}   Wat a thing of beauty

Hey there rock fans – once again it’s time to browse the wonders of the internet in search of beauty and wonder. Once again I am, out of the goodness of my heart, online shopping for YOUR benefit…honest… Read the rest of this entry »

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