What you rocking?

{February 4, 2012}   I rock sportswear

I know, hard to believe, but it takes effort to look this good (cough) and that effort has started to represent in the form of running – for which I decided I needed new sportswear (not because I’m addicted to shopping and will grasp any tenuous excuse – honest!)

So I went shopping and I popped, in the spirit of being a skinflint thrifty sort, into Sports Direct – well, what a result!

Not only did I bag myself some awesome joggers with a fab as anything BRIGHT green set of stripes down the sides (because being sweaty doesn’t mean I have to be subtle, right?!) I also got the most incredible top I’ve ever owned – totally accidentally!Lonsdale Lonsdale 2 Stripe Interlock Pants Ladies from www.sportsdirect.comThese might not look exciting to you – but I was thrilled, partly because they were in my size, partly because of the bright green stripes, partly because they were six pounds!


The top I got was purchased simply because I liked the colours – I wanted something with a zip that felt snuggly and soft and that would keep me warm on a run and had a pocket for my keys/phone.


What I got was the most brilliant invention ever.


No Fear No Fear Paparazzi Zip Thru Jacket Ladies from www.sportsdirect.com


Look at that – it is bright purple – which is cool. It has those bright pink stripes. Those are cool. Headphones? Yep – that’s what you see – and they’re built in to the top! There are two TINY zips in the collar that house pockets in which there are these tiny little super duper magical headphones. In the left pocket there’s an audio jack built in that connects to your device and pumps your music direct to your in-built headphones.


This item of wonder was a mere £15 – that’s all – what on earth are you waiting for?! Get thee to the Sports Direct website and order poste haste!

There’s a whole range of the No Fear Amplifi range and I’m going to invest some more of my pounds in similar, brightly coloured, genius items in coming weeks – I definitely suggest you do the same!


I tested it out on a real-live-actual run today and it’s great – plugged in, pumped up, played some sounds as I pounded the pavement – good times!


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