What you rocking?

{January 23, 2012}   Bright a light!

Today was an overcast, grey kind of day – and Mondays feel grey and overcast enough without giving in to the misery! With that in mind I decided to indulge myself in some serious colour splashing!

I picked up a dress at the weekend from the “nobody in their right mind wants this stuff” basket left over from the sale in asda.

As you can see in the image below it’s BRIGHT! Not only is it bright but it has some pretty serious pattern. It was love at first sight – and for £3 I was certainly not going to worry that it was a couple of sizes too big!

With a long sleeved t in a complimentary colour and a chunky belt to make it fit nicely I was off! Mondays are cold in my office building – so I also wore my all time favourite scarf. It clashes massively – but I decided that worked, and rocked it!

What’s your most colourful item of clothing? Or are you more subtle than me!? I’d love to see what you’re rocking!



Corinne says:

I adore your colourful days! You inspire me to wear more colour.

That is VERY flattering! You inspired me to check out those made to measure vintage suits! I’m blogging about those this week 😉

Lauren says:

I LOVE this look!

Thank you gorgeous – I love bright colours!

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