What you rocking?

{January 19, 2012}   In and out!

I’m no skinny girl, it has to be said. It’s something I definitely struggle with from time to time.

In the last decade I’ve been big – up to a size 20 – and I’ve been skinny – down to a size 8.

I’m glad not to be a size 8 – I do like meals, and having them daily is rather nice and not something I can do and maintain being a size 8 – but at the moment I’m a size 16 and keep muttering about dieting and slimming down and i get two reactions to that.

One – that I looked great a size 8 and with some work can get there again.

Two – that it’s never going to happen, and that I should stay exactly as I am because there’s nothing at all wrong with curvy girls.

Now – since I’ve been this size at a number of points in the last decade (heading through it in both directions) I have learned how to dress for it – and I think being tall and knowing how to dress appropriately for my shape makes a big difference to how people perceive my size.

It’s nice to think that I’m not getting it horribly wrong – but I also think that if a woman is saying she really isn’t happy with her body/size/weight she often ISN’T just fishing for compliments or platitudes – she’s asking for support to get the body she DOES want.

Though I’ve learned how to dress a size 16 body I would much prefer to dress a size 12 one – what do you think? How do you feel about your body and people’s reactions if you want to change?

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think big is bad. I don’t think size 16 really qualifies as big either – just curvy – but I DO feel heavy and big myself and would like not to.

Women hey!

Oh, and for the record – whatever size you are, a wrap dress is going to make you look and feel like a sex kitten! Always a confidence booster!



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