What you rocking?

{January 17, 2012}   My corporate image

I have a bit of a reputation at work for dressing ‘differently’ – which is a phrase that’s been used to describe my image many times in my life! 


People have often commented on the way I dress and ask me to describe my style – but I can’t really describe one style as I have such eclectic tastes when it comes to fashion. 


This is a look I like to call ‘corporate image’ – because it’s a look I only wear to work. It’s a bit too…black for anywhere else! I don’t usually wear black on black – I like to mix things up a bit more than that – but I shredded my purple tights this morning getting ready and didn’t have time to find something funky, and I only own black belts – so black and black and black it was! 


I did, however, funk it up with the stunning cameo broach that was my husband’s Nana’s. I love this broach more than almost any of my other jewellery – and this is the perfect outfit to showcase it properly because most of my other clothes are too busy and distract from the broach! 


So, what do you rock at work?




Corinne says:

That outfit looks HOT! You look really gorgeous x

Haha! Thank you – you big flirt 😉

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