What you rocking?

{January 16, 2012}   Like a superhero

I have this cardigan… It is the most amazing item of clothing ever created by human hands.

This cardigan is from “Cable and Gauge” which I’m sure is available in many stores but I, of course, picked this beauty up in TKMaxx (my heaven on Earth!) for ten whole English pounds.

I tell you – best ten pounds I have ever spent on one item of clothing!

The cardigan, you see, can be worn a number of ways. Buttons undone it’s a long cape style. Fastened it’s a wrap. You can pull the front up and wear it as a short cardi or twist it and wear it as a snood/scarf/cardi combo that makes you feel revoltingly snuggly!

It’s a really lovely, soft fabric that looks smart and can be worn at work, all business clothesy, or with jeans for a comfy weekend look.

I could wear this every single day.

My favourite way to wear it, though, is arms outstretched and spinning in circles pretending to be a superhero!

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same!




I had a similar one in fawn. I adored it and lived in it at work.

Until I got it caught in the guillotine and cut a big hole in it. Beware the guillotine!

Nooooooooo! I don’t know how you loved with the devastation!

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