What you rocking?

{January 11, 2012}   Power dressing

There are times when I think all women need to take a look at the 80s and learn a thing or two about style.

In the 80s, working women were all about power dressing. Big hair, big heels, big attitudes and big deals.

There are times at work when you need a little more confidence than normal – when you need to feel big and important when you walk into a room.

Today was one of those days for me – so I went big!

I turned my head upside down and launched a biggifying (that’s a real word) attack on my hair – dry shampoo, hairspray and gravity made for some big ass hair!

I wore red, because it’s a power colour in work clothes and makes people think you look important (apparently?!)

I wore a pencil skirt because they make you strut like a woman

I wore 4″ heels because I can – and I can run in the damn things!

Wearing killer heels immediately makes you feel more confident, more sophisticated, more important – it makes you walk slower and more determinedly. It makes you stride where you’d normally shuffle. It makes you (me) feel superior.

And it makes your legs and arse look good – and improves your posture.

Big hair, big colour, big heels, big belt – big ego!

Join me ladies – get some power in your attire!




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