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{January 9, 2012}   DIY Acrylic nails?

A few months ago, on a visit to my Mum, I went with her to get some acrylic nails done. I still can’t decide if I love them or hate them but they did make me feel all glam and like my fingers were all long and thin! 

For work I really like to have painted nails (French polish in interesting shades is my favourite) but I’m useless at looking after them and they always chip within a matter of minutes once I’ve taken the time to paint them – so before I’ve even left the flat they look awful and shabby. Not shabby chic – that would be ok – just plain old shabby!

I wasn’t madly in love with the fat, blunt edges of acrylic nails – but I did like that they didn’t chip or smudge or peel (for two weeks anyway – then one cracked and pinged off – which meant I picked the others until they submitted too!) so I had a think and went out to get a home acrylics kit to try out.

Getting a full set of nails done professionally costs between £20 and £30 and I’d have to get an appointment, remember I had an appointment, get to the salon and then keep going back every three weeks or so FOREVER to keep the nails looking good.

The kit cost me less than £20 and said it did 3-4 full sets plus fill-in when they grew out up to 6 times. That seemed like a bargain and I thought it couldn’t be TOO hard (though I suspected the girls in the salon made it look easier than it was) so figured for the cost of one professional set it was worth a shot!

I’m quite vain about my finger nails (I know, I know, me, vain about something – it’s so hard to believe!) so I struggled with the first step – which was file the living bejesus out of the surface of your finger nails so that the kit has something to adhere to (it needs a roughened surface) because I knew from the set I got done at the salon that it took months, and a lot of pampering, for my nails to recover. I thought that I’d half skip that step and just do the minimum of filing on the surface.

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It turns out that it really IS a vital step. Although the finished nails were a little on the lumpy side I was, overall, pleased with my attempt – and VERY pleased with the kit which is a Nailene kit that I got in asda – it’s really simple to use, the instructions are really straightforward and it’s really idiot proof.

If you follow the instructions – including the step I skipped – I’m pretty sure that with  a little practice (which the contents of the kit give you enough to do) you’ll get professional looking nails at home. My left hand looked (and lasted) better than my right – so I might get a friend to join in next time and we’ll do each other’s.

Although they all fell off within a few days I’d definitely recommend the product – it was user error that caused my problems!

So get to asda, get the kit and get yourself some long lasting nails that you just can’t chip!

The kit - buy it!


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