What you rocking?

{January 3, 2012}   A round up of new shiny things!

Things that are new – the first of which is my renewed access to this blog, having changed my password and username and immediately forgotten both! I used Christmas as an excuse to put the laptop down and didn’t post – which was ridiculous – and here we are we a whole mountain of lovely new things to show off – what a shame!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You can see from the slideshow that I’ve got a LOT of new things, all of which I’m mad about – and I feel more than a little lucky to have been given such spoils this Christmas.


I have a whole stack of new clothes too, so gird your loins for a wash of What You Rocking pics to showcase the new threads – and a deluge of What I Want to Rock – online shopping may well be the death of me – or at the very least of my bank account!


I’m sure I’m not the only person who was spoiled rotten this festive season – so post your pics up and comment below with the link – or email me a pic and the details to whatyourocking@gmail.com and I’ll post what YOU’RE rocking!


Gorgeous goodies. I love the buttons and the gloves. Oh and the heart necklace.

The buttons are a bargain too – 30p each, couldn’t be better!

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