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{December 22, 2011}   Long lasting face

Long have I searched for, dreamed of, desperately sought the perfect foundation.

I have an image in my mind of 50’s glamour, pan stick foundation and flicked out eyeliner. I have the liner down (though I get irritated that so many liquid eye liners come with a tiny sponge tip now in place of the thin brush I put many months of my teenage life into perfecting the use of!) but the foundation still stumps me.

I’ve tried literally everything.

So many adverts promise me flawless skin and long lasting coverage.

I have combination skin but I don’t think it’s some kind of new, mysterious, previously unheard of skin – but I’ve never yet found a foundation that gives me what I want.

I’m pale – so it needs to be pale. I’m combination – so it needs to avoid going flakey on my dry cheeks and cling successfully to my greasy chin and forehead!

I want coverage. Good coverage. Proper coverage that you used to get, in the good old days.

I want a matt finish. None of this dewy, fresh faced glow nonsense all the cosmetics companies seem to go in for. If I wanted to look natural I wouldn’t be smothering myself in make up, would I? Think on.

I want, most of all, for it to stay on and look as good by the end of the working day as it did when I got in my car that morning.

I have tried the strange foamy ones. No. They’re just awful (for me) and rub off as quickly as they rub on.

The cream ones that come in blocks that you apply with a sponge? Amazing coverage initially, but cake very unflatteringly, very quickly.

Mineral? I’ve tried a few – the l’oriel is the best I’ve used (sure there are plenty of other brands I have never tried – but remember I live in Dorset, and buying a new foundation from an Internet shop is silly because you can’t check the colour!)

The one I’m currently using is a boots one, which falsely claims to stay with me for a full day – 16 hours of flawless coverage, says the packaging!

It’s a lovely texture – a great colour match and good quality. It gives super coverage – but has to be topped with a generous coating of separate powder on top – otherwise I have that awful dewy face.

By lunch time though it’s done a vanishing act! It slicks off and leaves me with patchy remnants. This frustrates me hugely!

What foundation do you use? If you or someone you know has some kind of info on good foundation or ways to make better use of what I have I would love to hear your advice?!



Jacinda Loleen says:

Your problem is that you are using cheap foundation and not caring for the skin underneath properly. First of all you need to get your skin under control, then you need to go for the best and there is nothing better than Chanel. A range of coverages and finishes and although they are dearer to start off with, you’ll find yourself replacing them far less frequently! Good Luck

I have lots of products to try and get my skin better – I do a weekly mask, I exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturise and try to maintain it – but am suffering a horrible break out right now!

I’ve been into department stores to try the expensive foundations but haven’t tried that – the most recent I tried was a Clinique one and it was just horrible – looked caked and cheap before I’d even got off the tiny stool.

I have no problem with spending a chunk on a good quality one but it’s hard to know where to start – I will look at your suggested brand and try some samples, thank you.

Aside from the regime I already have what can I do to even my combination skin?

Jacinda says:

Sounds to me like you are doing too much to your skin. You can overload it with a balance of chemicals that it doesn’t need. It’s not unlikely considering your regime that some of your problems are of your making.

My advice would be to stop these treatments altogether for a while, with the exception of a twice daily astringent to stop the grease spreading. Try to go make up free as much as possible, or wear it for as few hours as possible. Also make sure that your skin is exposed to actual sunlight and air – not under layers of creams and foundations. As well as this you need to make sure you are putting the right things into your body. Nothing substitutes good old water, eat a good mix of meats and veg (cooked in a small amount of olive oil) and make sure you eat good fats like nuts.

Also – stress is a major cause of spots in women past their teens so make sure you avoid it in all forms. Think about having something to look forward to, rather than worry about. If you’re stressed at work, book a holiday and then focus on that. Always works wonders for your skin and mental health.

The change won’t happen overnight but it will happen. Good Luck.

Thank you – that all sounds sensible – the worse my skin has got, the more products I’ve tried to remedy the situation – but you’re right, that’s just made it worse!

Kayleigh says:

i agree with the cleanse,tone,mousturise although i never do it myself. i find that the best foundation ive ever used in my life was from Dior…which i understand is ridiculously expensive but was a present from my ex boyfriends mum. Keep an eye out in Debenhams sale because it is so worth it. Failing that, Clinique do some good stuff and I tend to just use dream matte mousse at the moment which is by Maybelline and pretty cheap. If i was going out I would also put s bit of powder over the top 🙂

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