What you rocking?

{December 18, 2011}   Accessories make your face

This is a lesson I learned very late in life – accessories – they turn blah into beautiful so quickly!

Having learned The Ways I take great delight in finding mine in sales, charity shops and unexpected places. I love costume jewellery and big chunky belts, and I love putting statement accessories with really simple outfits and transforming how I look immediately.

In the pics below we have some of my most recent finds;

This hair flower accessory was something like 30p in asda – bought on a whim from the children’s clothing aisle as I passed through searching for joggers for toddler – I expected it to be a bit of a no hit wonder, but I actually wear it loads! It makes me feel like I’ve made an effort when I’ve dry shampoo’d my filthy hair into a bun!

The necklace with the cameo flower/butterfly is one of my favourite things ever – I’m not certain where i got it but asda is likely! I love pearls (be they fake or not!) and I love, love, love cameos – and I love butterflies – so it’s like the perfect necklace! I always feel dolled up in it.

This ring amuses me greatly – it’s so tacky and ott – so of course I wear it loads. It’s revoltingly girlie and twee an most people wouldn’t be seen dead in it! I got it from the market and almost had to dead leg someone’s Granny to get at it!

This massive cuff is ace – it can be the only item of jewellery on an outfit and you still look like you’ve made an effort. It’s huge so I’ve had to really squash it to make it fit my weird skinny wrists but I hope you can’t tell when I wear it. Chunky, sparkly, bronze and red – hell to the yes!

Finally for today the nasty ass chunky bling that nobody else would want! I LOVE these pieces – love love love. They get comments every time I wear them (I count “you look like the love child of Mister T and the bride of Wildenstein” as a success) and they are so ugly they transcend into great beauty! Again they came from a market and I practically snatched it from the aged claws of the crazy old lady I’m turning into!

What are your top accessories? Send me your pictures or link to your own post in the comments below, I’d love to see what you’re rocking!







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