What you rocking?

{December 16, 2011}   The recent pics, week one

To upload a new post for each day I’ve done some #WhatYouRocking already would take considerable time and, well, I’m lazy – but I figured I should post some highlights before spamming you all to join in – I want to see it all, so if you want to submit and show the world what YOU are rocking then ping it to me in an email – whatyourocking@gmail.com – you know you want to!

I really like dresses at the moment – dresses make me feel like I’ve made an effort, even if I’m wearing tights with a huge ladder in (I tend to try and style that out like it’s all part of the design anyway…I’m sure that’s convincing! Dresses, heels and a little mascara can transform your mood as well as your appearance – the older I get the more effort I make (possibly the more effort I have to make?) and the more effort I make the better I feel about how I look. Gone are the angst ridden days of me loathing my appearance – now I’m just about the most vain girl you’re ever going to meet!

Day one was a grey mini that was almost indecently short for work - with opaques, biker boots and a slightly gormless expression on my face!


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