What you rocking?

{December 16, 2011}   And so it begins…

So here’s what happened. Weeks back I started a new job – and along with a new job comes, obviously, a new wardrobe.

This was necessary for me in particular because I haven’t worked anywhere but at home, for myself, for a few years and since I last did I had two children and got considerably larger! This meant that my previous ‘work’ clothes were dated, crumpled and stood no chance of fitting.


The budget I had to create an entire wardrobe of work clothes was limited and will continue to be limited – so it takes a bit of imagination. It turned out that people commented on the things I wore and the way I wore them – not always successfully but always a ‘statement’ of some kind.


I realised that this has always been the case (I’ve always been poor and always dressed quirkily) and more importantly I realised that I *enjoy* that – I enjoy finding bargains and rummaging in charity shops/TKMaxx to find treasures. I enjoy putting things together that other people wouldn’t. I enjoy altering and adapting the ‘treasures’ I find and enjoy rescuing clothes that have been discarded or discounted because of flaws in their design/manufacture/damage.


This led to me using my iPhone and the #instagram app to start the #WhatYouRocking hastag – and from there I’ve gained some followers and had a lot of feedback – and it seemed to need a bigger platform so that other people can join in. (Hard though I find this – because, you know, it’s *all* about me!)


So here you are, rockers – this is #WhatYouRocking – so show me what YOU are rocking!


It's all about the attitude, dude!


Jo says:

Yay love it !!

Thank you – I hope other people do too; it’s by far the most vain thing I’ve ever done so I hope other people join in too – I love seeing what people are wearing and hearing about how they put it together!

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